The enterprise is the managing company of the High Precision Electromechanics holding, which is registered May 21, 2015 by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus in the State Register of Holdings No. 98.

The holding includes the ISC «Alevkurp». The choice of ISC ALEVKURP as a member of the holding is explained by the need to concentrate the production, scientific, technical and financial potential of the enterprises (taking into account the directions of their activities) to achieve the assigned tasks within the holding.

ISC «ALEVKURP» was established on the basis of the order of the Minsk City Territorial Fund of State Property No. 120 dated December 24, 2010 by transforming the Research and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise «ALEVKURP» in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on the privatization of state property. It has no branches and representative offices.

In connection with the creation of the holding «High-precision electromechanics» by the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated May 27, 2015 No. 994 «On acceptance into republican ownership and voluntary transfer of shares» 100% of shares JSC «ALEVKURP» were transferred to the economic management of the Republican production unitary enterprise «Precise Electro-mechanics Plant» (hereinafter referred to as the enterprise) – the managing company of the «High-Precision Electromechanics» holding.

Within the High Precision Electromechanics holding, it is planned to create the necessary infrastructure for the production of advanced missile (anti-aircraft missile) weapons, providing a full production cycle, including various types of missiles (guided missiles), and the formation and development of a rocket science school.

RPUE “Precise Electromechanics Plant”

Phone: +375 (17) 318-90-01
E-mail: info@ztem.by
Website: ztem.by
Republic of Belarus, 220013, Minsk region, Minsk, st. Kuhlman, 2


Phone: +375 17 518-10-50
E-mail: info@alevkurp.by
Website: alevkurp.by
Republic of Belarus, 223050, Minsk region, Minsk district, Borovlyansky s / s, Korolev Stan village, st. Moscow, 1a, 4th floor, room 17.