Combined navigation system

Combined navigation system

The Combined Navigation System (CNS) provides accurate measurement of coordinates and orientation of highly dynamic aircraft and vehicles.

The CNS includes an inertial measuring module, an anti-jamming four-system (GLONASS, GPS, Galileo, BeiDou) dual-frequency receiver of signals from global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and a complex processing module.

Name Value Name Value
Maximum ground speed, m / s 1600 Data output frequency, Hz ≥100
Angle measurement range, degrees

  • course
  • roll
  • pitch
  • 0-360
  • ±180
  • ±90
Determination error in inertial satellite mode, RMS:

  • coordinates, m:
  • speed, m/s:
  • <10
  • <0.5
Range of variation of angular velocities, deg/s ±300 Operating temperature range, ° С -40…+60
Vibration resistance (up to 2000 Hz), g 5 Reduced atmospheric pressure, Pa 100
Measurement range of linear acceleration,g:

  • longitudinal
  • transverse
  • ±40
  • ±10
Exchange protocol, (as agreed with the consumer) RS-485, Ethernet
Overall dimensions, mm 135x87x92 Weight (depends on the BChE model), kg 0.69-0.77
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