Combined navigation system

The Combined Navigation System (CNS) provides accurate measurement of coordinates and orientation of highly dynamic aircraft and vehicles.

The CNS includes an inertial measuring module, an anti-jamming four-system (GLONASS, GPS, Galileo, BeiDou) dual-frequency receiver of signals from global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) and a complex processing module.

Name Value Name Value
Maximum ground speed, m / s 1600 Data output frequency, Hz ≥100
Angle measurement range, degrees

  • course
  • roll
  • pitch
  • 0-360
  • ±180
  • ±90
Determination error in inertial satellite mode, RMS:

  • coordinates, m:
  • speed, m/s:
  • <10
  • <0.5
Range of variation of angular velocities, deg/s ±300 Operating temperature range, ° С -40…+60
Vibration resistance (up to 2000 Hz), g 5 Reduced atmospheric pressure, Pa 100
Measurement range of linear acceleration,g:

  • longitudinal
  • transverse
  • ±40
  • ±10
Exchange protocol, (as agreed with the consumer) RS-485, Ethernet
Overall dimensions, mm 135x87x92 Weight (depends on the BChE model), kg 0.69-0.77