Vibration and shock test (vibration tests)

The Republican Production Unitary Enterprise “Precise Electromechanics Plant” offers its services for testing the effects of vibration and shock (vibration tests).

The tests are carried out on the equipment of a modern vibration testing system by specially trained, highly qualified personnel.

Vibration test system equipment allows to reproduce environmental conditions in strength studies and reliability in all areas of vibration and shock testing, simulate experiments in sinusoidal, broadband random, mixed modes using systems indispensable for quality control, research and development.

The design of the vibration test system allows testing in horizontal and vertical directions.

Name Value
Maximum ejection force, H (sinus) 49500
Maximum ejection force, H (accidental) 48000
Maximum ejection force, H (shock) 148500
Maximum speed, m / s (sinus) 2.2
Maximum speed, m / s (accidental) 2.2
Maximum speed, m / s (shock) 2.2
Maximum acceleration without load, g (sinus) 100
Maximum acceleration without load, g (accidental) 100
Maximum acceleration without load, g (shock) 224
Frequency range, Hz 5…3000
Maximum amplitude of movement, mm 50.8
Basic resonance frequency, Hz 2000
Sinusoidal Vibration Test
For f <100 Hz dependence g (f)
For f >100 Hz 15
Maximum test duration, h 7.2
Random vibration tests
Frequency range, Hz 2…2000
Rms value, g 23
Mechanical shock tests
Impact frequency single / pl.
Shock pulse shape half sine wave
The value of the peak acceleration transmitted to the product with reinforcement at the impact of the action, g 150/6
Duration of the peak shock acceleration of single / repeated action, m / s 0.3 … 1.0 / 5 …. 10
Vibration test
Impact frequency single / pl.
Acceleration, g 60….100 / 6….30
Time to reach the maximum value, m / s 20….70 / 40….60
Duration, m / s 20….75 / 300
Mass of the moving part, kg 45.5
Maximum working load, including the weight of the sample, reinforcement, mass of the moving part, kg 910
Assembly table diameter, mm 440

It is certified for compliance with the requirements of STB 8015-2016, GOST 25051.3-83 and is approved for testing products for vibration loads.