Telemetry equipment complex

Telemetry equipment complex (TMEC) is designed to transmit on-board information from a high-dynamic facility to ground receiving points (GRP).

The onboard telemetry equipment (TME) includes: a GNSS receiver with an antenna, a telemetric information transmitter (TIT), antenna transmitter kit and embedded software.

GRP a set of antennas for work in the near and far zone, a GNSS receiver with an antenna, a TIT receiver, turntables, a GSM/GPRS modem, a PC with software, an autonomous power supply device and a tent (awning).

General requirements for TMEC

Parameter Value
Frequency range ДI, ДII, ДIV
Number of lettered frequencies 3
Information transfer rate from aircraft to GRP, kbps <400
Bit error probability <10-7
Range of radial velocities of aircraft, m/s ±1800
Range of inclined ranges to aircraft, km 0,1… 100
The height range of aircraft, km 0 …50
Time of continuous work onboard TME, min < 20

Parameters of onboard TME

Parameter Value
Maximum (3s) measurement error on the entire flight path of the aircraft:

  •  coordinates, m
  •  components of speed, m/s
  • 30
  • 0,5
Accuracy of binding TME to GNSS time stamp, ns <50
Power supply, V 23 … 34
Current consumption, A <0.4
Volume, dm3 <2
Maximum diameter, mm 120
Mass, kg <3