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President Alexander Lukashenko has visited “Precise Electromechanics Factory” in the Dzerzhinsky area

President Alexander Lukashenko has visited the “Precise Electromechanics Factory” in the Dzerzhinsky area on November 3, 2015.

“In the duration of two years, the Belarusian army should receive modern domestic rocket launcher systems”, such an assignment was given by the President Alexander Lukashenko following his visit to a Precise Electromechanics Factory in the Dzerzhinsky area.

The State Military Industrial Committee should equip Army with more advanced missile systems in 2016-2017. Earlier, the President gave such instructions to create a domestic rocket and equip the Armed Forces with up to date rocket equipment.

During his visit to the factory, he was informed on the implementation of these tasks. Alexander Lukashenko visited the multifunctional universal workshop of the factory, where he learnt the progress of localizing the production of multiple rocket launcher missiles (MRLM). The head of state was shown the MRLM Polonez machines and equipment for testing rocket engines. “Next, there should be a new stage, we should not stop at this,” stressed Alexander Lukashenko. “We have to go further in the framework of international agreements and treaties and create modern rocket technologies.” Sergei Gurulev, Chairman of the State Military Committee, reported to the President on the fulfillment of his instructions to create a two kilometer rocket system. According to experts, for the first time in the country a research and production complex of rocket production has been created.

Alexander Lukashenko also got familiarized with the technology of the Polonez multiple rocket launcher missiles. The head of state has given a number of orders for the development of the Enterprise and the State Military Industrial Committee of the country as a whole.

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