News 2020-05-27

Happy birthday Enterprise

A solemn meeting of the labor collective was held The Republican unitary enterprise “precision electromechanics Plant”, where the Director of Chоrny Y. N. congratulated the company’s employees on the 11th anniversary of the company’s foundation.
The company’s birthday is considered may 27, 2009, from the moment of issuing the State authority for military industry of the Republic of Belarus order No. 80.

Today, the enterprise has created a scientific, experimental and production complex that allows it to develop (modernize, extend the technical suitability of missiles of various classes) and production of modern domestic missiles.

The precision electromechanics Plant is also the operator of the national satellite communication and broadcasting system of the Republic of Belarus.

The infrastructure of the national satellite communication and broadcasting system currently includes the spacecraft, the flight control center, and the teleport.

The enterprise is boldly looking to the future and is aimed at creating more modern rocket technology.

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