Import substitution in action

The Work on import substitution at the enterprise is one of the priority areas of life and is carried out by organizing the production of competitive domestic goods and their supply to the domestic and foreign markets in order to reduce imports and increase the export potential of the enterprise.

In 2020, the enterprise successfully carried out research and development work in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus under the control of a military mission.

After their completion, by order of the Minister of Defense, the Belarusian army adopted the IPM-80IK and IPM-122IK air target simulators.

Air target simulators (IPM) are intended for training and testing calculations of short-range anti-aircraft missile systems and portable anti-aircraft missile systems of military air defense in order to form and maintain in them stable skills of detecting, tracking and hitting air targets in modern combat. The products are intended for training and test firing of short-range and long-range air defense systems with an optical homing head. DCKs provide reproduction of the speed, trajectory parameters and radiation characteristics of aircraft, cruise missiles, precision weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles in the radar and infrared ranges.

IPM-122IK have the ability to launch from combat vehicles BM-21, BM-21A without modification.

IPM-80IK can be used with the ability to launch them from a standard aviation artillery mount of the B-8 type. They have small dimensions, mobility and ease of use, not inferior in performance to world analogues.

IPM-122IK and IPM-80IK launches can also be carried out from previously developed and manufactured at the enterprise special mobile portable launchers – targets of the MK-80 and MK-122 complexes, which significantly reduces the cost of launching production.

The company is able to meet the annual demand of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus at the All-Russian Exhibition Center for training and training of short-range anti-aircraft missile systems and MANPADS.

The relevance of the development of various modifications of air target simulators is also explained by the fact that foreign manufacturers offer, as a rule, more expensive large-scale batches, which far exceed the needs of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus.

The cost of analogs of target aircraft simulators of foreign companies is approximately 2 – 2.5 times higher than that of the company, which increases the export attractiveness of domestic products.

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