Demonstration of UAV capabilities

or the purpose of military-patriotic education of pre-conscription youth and in honor of the upcoming holiday of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, one of the enterprises belonging to the system of the State Military Industrial Committee held in mid-February 2022 a class to inform students about the capabilities of the company to create surveillance and reconnaissance systems based on unmanned aerial vehicles.

During the demonstration flights of the multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicle at different altitudes were performed.

Pupils of secondary school No. 121 in Minsk were informed about its purpose, design and tactical and technical characteristics. Some students had a chance to learn first-hand how to operate a UAV, i.e. to operate it.

High School Director J.V. Davidovich and the head of military-patriotic education I.V. Borushko highly appreciated the importance of the event.