KM-1 Air Gun Target Unit

Target shooting set KM-1 (hereinafter – KM-1) is designed for air gun (pistol, rifle) training at distances up to 50 meters on paper targets.

KM-1 can be equipped with shooting galleries and other places designed for shooting with air guns.


The KM-1 target shooting set is designed for installation on a vertical surface.

Competitive advantages

Remote control of target rewinding is wireless, with radio control up to 50 m range. There are two speeds of paper target rewinding – high and low, providing convenient rewinding process.

There is a built-in target illumination system. The system provides remote adjustment of target illumination level (8 levels), switching levels is carried out by the above-mentioned remote control by radio channel.

The front cover, replaceable shield, and bullet catcher of the electromechanical target set are made of brushed stainless steel, which eliminates damage during firing and does not require regular touch-ups.

The external design of the front cover provides symmetry in the placement of the center of the target on it.

The bullet catcher is equipped with a noise insulating cover, which significantly reduces the noise level in the shooting gallery.

There is a standard place to place a replacement screen when performing exercises on a large (pistol) target.

The developed design of the bullet catcher and the upper target roll clamp provide a clear breakthrough of paper targets without the use of a cardboard insert. At the same time, the constructive possibility of using a cardboard insert is retained.

Bullets hitting the bullet catcher are mainly collected in the localized part of the target installation structure (in the tray). This circumstance simplifies the process of cleaning the target installation from bullets and minimizes clogging of the shooting gallery floor in the vicinity of the installation.

KM works with the «CKATT» shooting simulator (Germany).

The KM design includes the ability to change the roll of paper targets and the ability to install / remove an additional replacement screen by one person, without special tools.