The “Polonez”/”Polonez-M” system includes a combat vehicle, a combat control vehicle, a transport-loading vehicle and missiles for various purposes in transport-launch containers.

The combat vehicle is a launcher for eight 301-mm A200 / A300 missiles on the MZKT 7930 chassis.

The equipment installed in the combat control vehicle provides communication with combat, transport-loading and command vehicles at a distance of up to 10 kilometers in motion and up to 30 kilometers in the parking lot. A combat crew of four can work continuously for up to 48 hours.

The warhead is detachable, the guidance system is combined – inertial with satellite correction (GPS). The circular probable deviation (CEP) of the warhead at the maximum range is from 30 to 50 m. A salvo of eight missiles at eight different targets can be fired in 50 seconds, the preparation time for a salvo is 8 minutes.

Firing range, km:

  • maximum
  • minimal
  • 200
  • 50
  • 290
  • 120
Maximum number of targets hit by a salvo of one BM, pcs.88
Location area for 8 different targets hit by one salvo, km10х1020х20
Number of launch containers, pcs.88
Number of missiles in one ammunition load, pcs.48 (in 12 KPK)48 ( in 12 KPK)
Division composition, pcs.

  • BM
  • TZM
  • MBU
  • 6
  • 3
  • 4
  • 6
  • 3
  • 4

Information about combat vehicle (BM) «Polonez BM»/ «Polonez-M BM» will be added soon.

Information about launching and transporting vehicle (TZM) «Polonez TZM»/«Polonez-M TZM» will be added soon.

Information about controllable combat vehicle (MBU) «Polonez MBU»/ «Polonez-М MBU» will be added soon.

Information about launching container set (KPK) will be added soon.
Information about missiles will be added soon.