Republican Manufacturing Unitary Enterprise «PRECISE ELECTRO-MECHANICS PLANT» was created with the aim of carrying out activities in relation to military products and other specialized goods (works, services). The company was founded on May 27, 2009.

The main activities of the enterprise are:

  • conducting research to find principles and ways of creating new and improving existing systems, complexes, weapons and military equipment, organizing their production;

  • R&D for the development of modern weapons (MLRS, RK, MS), modernization of guided and unguided missiles and rockets, extension of the terms of technical suitability of weapons and their disposal;

  • improvement of the production and testing base of the enterprise to ensure a full cycle of development and localization of production of missile systems and missiles;

  • development and manufacture of various types of electronic simulators, training systems and polygon equipment;

  • satellite control and continuous communication with him, the operation
    of satellite communication networks, ensuring uninterrupted and correct operation of radio frequency equipment, antennas and antenna systems of the ground control complex;

  • provision of services for renting communication channels on a satellite to foreign and Belarusian consumers (state and private television and radio broadcasting channels).

Republican Manufacturing Unitary Enterprise «PRECISE ELECTRO-MECHANICS PLANT» is the leading enterprise for the development and production of missile weapons, including the V-200 “Polonez” multiple launch rocket system and the V-300RK “Polonez-M” missile system.