Target complexes MK-80 and MK-122

Target complexes are designed to simulate modern and promising air targets when training combat crews of short-range and short-range air defense systems.

Targets (simulators of air targets) were developed on the basis of 122 mm rockets 9M22U and 9M28 of the Grad multiple launch rocket system, as well as 80 mm unguided aircraft missiles of the S-8 type, in which an air target simulator is installed instead of the standard warheads.

In terms of its flight, technical and radar characteristics, the target makes it possible to simulate modern small-sized high-speed air attack weapons that perform maneuvers like “slide”, “dive” or attacking a ground target from a half dive.

Air target simulators ATS-80IK and ATS-122IK

Caliber, mm80
Length, mm (at most)

Length of ATS with missile part, mm, (no more)15503000
Weight of the ATS with missile part, kg, not more1570
Average speed in the area of ​​application, m/s250300
Maximum flight time, s4060
Maximum flight range, km
with missile part 9M28, at an altitude of 3.5 km

with missile part 9M22U, at an altitude of 5.4 km


Flight altitude range, km1-42-5,4
Visibility range in the optical wavelength range (with a meteorological visibility range of at least 10 km) km, not less55
Visibility time in the optical range, s, not less3535
Infrared radiation range, μm2,5-62,5-6