The enterprise has highly qualified personnel to carry out research and development in the interests of the customer and experimental design (technological) work of high complexity, including all stages: sketch and technical design, creation of a model, a sample of a product or system, laboratory and field tests, preparation of design documentation, in the following areas:

  • general design of products (case, configuration, aerodynamics, control system, mathematical model of the product flight, assessment of the fulfillment of the requirements of the technical task, the formation of requirements for the component parts of the product);

  • development of a testing and modeling complex (HITL – Hardware In the Loop) for checking the elements and control system of the product;

  • general design of combat equipment (composition, configuration, combat effectiveness);

  • general design of radar fairings (calculations of temperature, radio transparency, choice of shape and material, modeling to verify compliance with the requirements of the technical specification);

  • development of a program and methods for laboratory testing of elements and control systems, on-board equipment of products according to their functional purpose;

  • development of the program and methods of flight tests of products according to their functional purpose;

  • development and execution of design documentation in accordance with the requirements of USSD;

  • development of steering drives for unmanned aerial vehicles and guided rocket missiles;

  • execution of works on the general system design of electronics and development of design documentation.

To perform the assigned tasks at the enterprise, 6 people have academic titles and degrees.

In the period from 2018 to september 2020, employees of the enterprise took part in more than 18 international conferences and seminars, published
1 book, published 34 articles in scientific journals, including 15 in specialized journals, and publications, developed 1 technical normative legal act.

In addition, the company has 5 valid titles of protection (patents, certificates) for industrial property rights.