The Republican Production Unitary Enterprise “Precise Electromechanics Plant”, having great scientific potential and experience in carrying out research and development work, development, production, supply and modernization of general and special-purpose products and provision of telecommunication services, has established itself as a reliable and conscientious partner. With highly qualified human resources, the latest developments and high-quality products, the company follows its main strategy aimed at ensuring sustainable development and income growth through the fullest possible satisfaction of customer needs, while strictly adhering to legislative and other mandatory requirements.

Key commitment to quality:

  • to increase the efficiency of the enterprise, preserving existing and mastering new sales markets, building relationships with partners on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation;

  • improve the quality of products and services provided based on the requirements and expectations of customers, systematically analyzing their satisfaction with the products and services of the enterprise;

  • fulfill the requirements and constantly improve the effectiveness of the quality management system based on the 1BO 9001: 2015 standard, regularly carrying out identification and analysis of risks and opportunities;

  • maintain and develop the workforce, conduct regular training, encouraging the improvement of the qualifications and competence of employees, and the improvement of professional skills.

The management of the Republican Production Unitary Enterprise “Precise Electromechanics Plant” assumes responsibility for the implementation of the Quality Policy, for the continuous development and improvement of the quality management system, the allocation of resources to achieve the set goals and support to all employees in the continuous improvement of their activities.

The Republican Production Unitary Enterprise “Precise Electromechanics Plant” has implemented and certified the quality management system for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001 in the National System for Confirmation of Conformity of the Republic of Belarus and the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2015 in the international system, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity.