The enterprise is in charge of prolonging missile technical validation of antiaircraft control missiles, air-controlled and air-uncontrolled missiles, antitank controlled missiles and ballistic missiles for MLRS.

The enterprise conducts the necessary work and provides conclusion of technical condition for missiles sets and evaluation of its further maintenance, exceeding preliminary use duration, as well as consultancy for arranging use duration extension.

Existing science-technology potential provides the enterprise with extending terms of technical validity of the following:

  • AMR – Р-23, Р-24, Р-27, Р-60, Р-73, Х-25;

  • NAR – С-5, С-8, С-13, С-24, С-25;

  • AAGM – 5Я23 (20D) (ADMS С-75), 5В27 (ADMS-125), 5В28 (ЗРК S-200), 3М9М3 (ADMS «Kub»(«Kvadrat»)), 9М33М3(М2) (ADMS «Оsа»),9М37 (ADMS «Strela-10»), 9М32 (ADMS «Strela-2»), 9М36 (ADMS «Strela-3»), 9М39 (ADMS «Igla»), 9М313 (ADMS «Igla-1»), 9М342 (ADMS «Igla-S»);

  • ATGM – 9М111 (ATGM «Konkurs»), 9М113 (ATGM «Fagot»), 9М114 ( ATGM «Shturm» ),

  • 9М115(ATGM «Меtis»), 9М117, 9М119, 3М11, 9М17(ATGM «Falanga»), 9М14(ATGM «Malutka»);

  • Reactive missiles – for MLRS «Grad», «Uragan» and «Smerch».

Works on extension of service life can be performed both in the Customer’s territory and in the Republic of Belarus.

Upon Customer’s request works can be performed by delegated group of specialists in its territory.

Timelines of works performance shall be defined taking into account specific conditions and technical state of items.

Launch (firing) tests

Solid-propellant jet engines firing tests