The Republican Production Unitary Enterprise “Precise Electromechanics Plant” offers its services for testing the effects of climatic factors, including tests for the effects of high, low temperatures and humidity.

The tests are carried out on the equipment of the KT-TXV-750 process heat-cold-humidity chamber by specially trained, highly qualified personnel.

The technological heat-cold-humidity chamber KT-TXV-750 provides:

  • creation and maintenance of specified test modes;
  • recording (registration) of the test process and temperature conditions reproduced by the camera and the ability to connect external recording devices;
  • the ability to connect external measuring devices or installations for automatic and manual measurement of the controlled parameters of the tested products
  • without removing them from the chamber;
  • free access to instrumentation.

The equipment of the KT-TXV-750 process heat-cold-humidity chamber includes an autonomous power supply, which allows its use in field conditions.

The equipment of the technological chamber KT-TXV-750 is placed in a metal container, can be transported and operated independently.

Operating temperature range, ˚Сfrom – 60 to + 60
Relative humidity range at temperatures from + 30˚C to + 60˚C, %from 10% to 98%
Temperature range in “Humidity” mode, ˚Сfrom +30 to +60
Maintenance accuracy:

temperature, ˚С




Time to reach the mode, min:

from + 20˚C to + 60˚C

from + 20˚C to – 60˚C

per point in “Humidity” mode

no more than 30
Dimensions, mm

500 х 600 х 2500

200 х 240

Working chamber volume, liter750
Power supply

external power grid 3 х 380V 50Hz,

autonomous – from a standard diesel generator

Power consumption, kW13
Certified for compliance with the requirements of STB 8015-2016, GOST 25051.2-82 and approved for testing samples and various materials.