The Republican Production Unitary Enterprise “Precise Electromechanics Plant” offers its services for testing the effect of linear acceleration.

The tests are carried out on the equipment of the testing centrifuge by specially trained, highly qualified personnel.

The test centrifuge allows research and testing of samples (products) for resistance to linear acceleration and ultimate overloads in a wide range.

Thanks to the design of the test centrifuge – the presence of slip rings, the so-called rotary electrical interface – the supply voltage and electrical signals are transmitted from the stationary part (base) to the test sample (product) during the rotation of the rotor.

Load mass nom. / max., kg25 / 30
Geometric dimensions of the load (W x H x D), mm500*500*400
Number of rotation axes, pcs.1
Range of angular speed of rotation, deg / s.0,1….1800
Resolution of the angular speed of rotation, deg / s.≤±0,001
Instability of the angular speed of rotation (per turn),%≤±0,1
Acceleration, g0….50
Slip ring configuration4 x 5A shielded bus

24 x 2A shielded bus

Possibility of programming the research process, testingthere is
Certified for compliance with the requirements of STB 8015-2016, GOST 25051.3-83, MA.MN-61-98 and approved for testing products for the effect of linear acceleration.