In Belarus, for the first time, the military launches of Polonez Multiple Launch Rocket System were conducted

On June 16, 2016, in Belarus on the territory of the Gomel region according to the calculations of the missile forces and artillery units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, during military tests, for the first time were carried out combat launches of the Polonez multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) adopted for military service. Combat firing was conducted at the created environmental background with the use of unmanned aircraft systems to obtain real-time data on the target, transfer them to combat vehicles and striking at them. ” “These firings were carried out at the end of state tests in order to confirm the parameters of the complex when firing at the longest range.

In 2016, this complex has entered into the military service the missile departments of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. It is designed to destroy openly located and hidden manpower, not proofed and proofed military and military special equipment, artillery, rocket and anti-aircraft missile systems, aircraft at the airfields and other objects at the range from 50 km to 200 km with high accuracy “, – clarified in the Security Council. “MLRS“  Polonez ”is a development of the Belarusian military industrial complex and should add the MLRS system that are currently in the service of Belarusian army.

MLRS “Polonez missiles of one combat vehicle are capable of delivering accurate strikes at the eight targets at once, the deviation from the given coordinates at the maximum distance does not exceed 30 m. Such accuracy, in combination with other advantages, allows this missile system to solve many combat tasks that are common for tactical missile systems and bombing aircrafts. It was explained in the Security Council. It was noted, that according to the results of the Polonez tests, the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, Lieutenant General Stanislav Zas, that all launches were done successfully and the whole system is ready for services in the Army. According to Stanislav Zas, the weapon system will have a final assessment of its conditions and capabilities of the complex by Ministry of Defense as the primary customer of it. It’s no secret that in the course of the military trials some refinements are possible, based on the demands of the customer. This is the typical working procedure for adopting a new model, he pointed out. The main result of the work on this project by Belarusian scientists and specialists is a significant strengthening of the national system of strategic deterrence in terms of the firepower of the Armed Forces. Aside from it, more than twenty domestic organizations have received a significant breakthrough in the new industry – rocket science, which will be developed in the future said Stanislav Zas. The State Secretary of the Security Council stressed that the conducted launches were not a demonstration of military force, but rather a planned event for rearmament of the army. We have increased the potential of constraining from encroachments on the independence of the Republic of Belarus. As required by the head of the state, in terms of technical supply, our Armed Forces must face contemporary risks and challenges, he said. Today’s event confirms that all the necessary conditions have been created in our country for the successful implementation of these tasks: scientific potential, modern technologies and production, as well as high-class specialists,” said Stanislav Zas. Chairman of the State Military Industrial Committee Lieutenant-General Sergey Gurulev noted that similar weapon systems are being explored in other world countries. Two years ago, The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko set the task to State Military Industrial Committee to create powerful, high-precision rocket weaponry. And today this task has been successfully resolved by the Defense enterprises, said Sergey Gurulev. In the future, the enterprises of State Military Industrial Committee will improve this system. It is assumed that its range will reach 300 km. Simultaneously, Belarus will be continue to develop new missile systems, such as anti-tank and some others.

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