Results summed up

The results of work for 2020 were summed up on February 11 and 12 in structural divisions of the enterprise.
Deputy Minister of State Authority for Military Industry Rassalai Viachaslau Yevgenyevich, Head of Directorate of the Directorate of Weapons, Military and Special Equipment Development Rehinya Andrei Leonidovich, Head of the Department of Special Production Dubovsky Sergey Sergeevich, Consultant of the Development Department of Special Production Soloviev Sergey Sergeevich participated the event on February 12.
The Director of the enterprise Yuri Nikolaevich Chorny in his speech analyzed the implementation of the business plan in 2020, achieved results, and defined tasks for 2021.
The chairman of the trade union committee Natalya Drozdova informed employees about the implementation of the collective agreement for 2020 and plans for 2021.
Employees could ask exciting questions to those present at ease. All questions were taken under control.
The best employees were rewarded based on the results of the completing tasks in 2020.
Deputy Minister of State Authority for Military Industry Viachaslau Yevgenyevich Rassalai, summing up the meeting results, marked tasks facing State Authority for Military Industry in 2021 and partly to our enterprise and paid attention to the high level of responsibility of each employee in the process of implementation of the assigned tasks.

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