Pre-registration by phone. +375 17 318 90 01, fax +375 17 318 90 02.

When applying for a personal appointment, you must have identity documents (passport, residence permit, refugee certificate). Applicants’ representatives must submit documents confirming their credentials.

Preliminary consultation with an appointment for a personal appointment is carried out by the head of the legal service, tel. +375 17 318 90 23.

The book of comments and suggestions is in the office, office. 6.

Responsible for the storage and maintenance of the book of comments and suggestions – Head of the Office Stavitskaya A.S.

The schedule of personal reception of citizens, including individual entrepreneurs, their representatives, representatives of legal entities: 

Yuri Cherny
Director of the enterprise
first Wednesday of the month from 15.00 to 17.30, office 2.

Anatoly Skripinsky
Chief engineer of the enterprise
second Thursday of the month from 15.00 to 17.30, office. 3.