Mother’s Day

As part of the events dedicated to Mother’s Day, from October 8 through October 14, “Together Congratulates Mother!” action by trade union was organized. Each employee could have filled out a birthday card and send it to his mother. On October 14, a gala concert was held, with the participation of employees and their children. S.V.Prakapovich the director of the enterprise in his speech, noted that this holiday was established by decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus on July 30, 1996 and it is a tribute and deep respect and admiration for all women mothers, the hard worker and the guardian of the family hearth. Words of gratitude and appreciation were announced from: Balevsky I.V., Tsarikovich A.V., Lembovich M.S., Volk K.V., Lavitskaya T.S., Drozdova N.M., and also – Ulyana (daughter of Veresova T.A.), Kirill (son of Tkachuk O.I.), Anastasia (daughter of Sulzhitskaya T.V.), Anastasia and Nikita (children of Drozdova N.M.).

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