For a number of years, the Republic of Belarus has been working on the creation of domestic strike unmanned aerial vehicles.

One of the important tasks in this area is the development of aircraft weapons for strike UAVs, which significantly differ in their weight and size characteristics from the standard means used in the Air Force.

The team of the Republican unitary enterprise “Precise electromechanics Plant” has successfully solved the problem of adapting small-sized anti-tank aircraft bombs РTAB-2,5-1 for their use by the UBAK-70 unmanned aircraft strike complex, the creation of which is being completed in JSC “558 Aviation Repair Plant”.

Unique technical solutions allow the use of РTAB-2,5-1 after their extraction from single-use bomb cassettes RBC-500-225 PTAB-2,5.

Also, as part of the measures of creation small-sized aircraft weapons for arming unmanned aerial vehicles at the Republican unitary enterprise “Precise electromechanics Plant”:

  • experimental (combat) samples of upgraded РTAB-2.5 weighing 3.2 kg with enhanced fragmentation action were developed and manufactured;
  • light fragmentation bombs based on the RG-42 – AO-1 and AO-2 grenades weighing 1 and 2 kg, respectively, are being developed;
  • the technical capabilities of the development of a light guided gliding aerial bomb UPAB-05 weighing up to 6 kg are evaluated.

Aviation ammunition developed on the basis of standard combat parts from MLRS “Grad” rockets, mortar mines, RPG grenades, combat elements from aviation single-use bomb cassettes and other commensurate products can be adapted to the technical specifications of the customer and the tactics of using a specific drone. This applies primarily to small-sized free-falling (gravity) aircraft bombs. Small-sized aerial bombs can be used with various UAVs of both aircraft and multirotor types.

In the near future, it is planned to demonstrate the combat capabilities of domestic attack UAVs equipped with the specified aircraft means of destruction at the ranges of the Armed Forces.

In the near future, the Republican unitary enterprise “Precise electromechanics Plant” plans to develop and manufacture other unguided, as well as controlled aircraft weapons of destruction for domestic strike UAVs. Some of them will be presented in the company’s exposition at the MILEX-2021 arms exhibition, which will be in June this year.

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