In the period from 23 and 26 June, the The Republican unitary enterprise “precision electromechanics Plant”, as part of the High Precision Electromechanics holding, took an active part in the 10th International Exhibition of Armament and Military Technology “Milex-2021”.

The Republican unitary enterprise “precision electromechanics Plant” is a scientific organization, the main activities of which are:

  • conducting scientific research and developmental work on the creation and modernization of military products;
  • production of military products;
  • development of technologies and work on the extension of the timing of technical suitability of missiles of various types, as well as their disposal;
  • creation and development in the Republic of Belarus satellite communications and broadcasting systems, providing these services for exports.

As part of the activities of the enterprise at the “Milex-2021” exhibition were presented:

  • on an open site – V-300BM combat vehicle from the composition of the tactical missile system V-300RK “POLONEZ-M”;

in the covered pavilion:

  • upgraded 122 mm projectile with for MLRS “Grad” 9M520MB, 9M521MB, 9M522MB, 9M523MB and 9M524MB;
  • target complexes of calibers 120 mm, 122 mm and 80 mm in the composition of launchers and targets;
  • small caliber aircraft projectiles for use with unmanned aircrafts;
  • telemetry equipment kit (onboard telemetry equipment and ground receiving point);
  • navigation and control unit for product 9M300;
  • stand to extend the timing of the technical suitability of missiles of various types;
  • machines for equipment machine guns for caliber machine guns 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm;
  • special protective agent not deadly (not lethal) action;
  • target installation for shooting from pneumatic and small-caliber sporting or hunting weapons;
  • stand on the national system of satellite communications and broadcasting of the Republic of Belarus.