5 Years in Space

The first Belarusian communications satellite “Belinterstat-1” was launched into space from Sichan Space Center on January 15, 2016 at 19.56 Minsk time. The project “National System of Satellite Communications and Broadcasting” (NSSCB) of Belarus was executed in cooperation with Chinese companies.
The communications satellite “Belinterstat-1”, the ground-based satellite control complex, the ground application system has been in full operation for 5 years. On-board systems condition is within an expected range.
Nowadays, there work 50 irreplaceable specialists on this project, in a new industry for Belarus – satellite communications. The majority of these professionals studied in China.
NSSCB provides such services as: television and radio broadcasting, organization of corporate network, stream. They have organized high definition television broadcasting in European and African regions. The satellite “Belinterstat-1” broadcasts more than 250 television and radio channels.
The range of portfolio services of Belinterstat is constantly growing and they guarantee innovative and successful communication solutions for foreign and state customers.
The contracts have been signed and also awaiting signature, with regards to expansion of ground-based infrastructure and antenna systems of the ground-based satellite control complex for providing services on various projects to foreign customers.

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