April 28 is the World Labor Day – a set of events held at different levels, aimed at drawing attention to the problems of labor safety, the need to improve its conditions, as well as the prevention of occupational injuries and diseases in the workplace.

As of today there is a developed legislative base in the field of labor protection, which takes into account the existing positive international experience and the long-term practice of regulating these issues at the national level. The main regulatory document in the field of labor protection is the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Labor Protection”. The whole complex of measures in the field of labor protection, from the adoption of legislation and development of labor protection management systems to state supervision and public control, is aimed at solving one main problem – the reduction of occupational injuries and occupational diseases.

Prevention is the most effective way to prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases.

An important place in the system of preventive measures aimed at ensuring safe working conditions and reducing occupational diseases is occupied by the availability and proper use of personal protective equipment by employees, as well as professional selection and training of workers in safe work practices, all types of briefings, as well as control over compliance with the Rules of Internal Labor Order, in terms of prohibiting the use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, smoking during work and in the unconditioned.

Occupational health and safety is vital to the employee, the employer, and society as a whole. Achieving success in working continuously for the sake of preserving the life, health, andof each and every workplace can only be achieved by working together.

No matter where you work your life and health are of great value and depend to a great extent on your own safety awareness.

This topic was discussed by the company’s employees during the event.