In order to further develop the high-tech industry, our enterprise performed a large set of measures to create a modern rocket structure experimental base. This work was appreciated in 2017 – the enterprise was accredited as a scientific organization.

In a short time, a scientific and technical center was established at the enterprise, in the structure of which a sector of collective use of test equipment was formed, special equipment of leading foreign manufacturers, which has no analogs in the Republic of Belarus, was purchased and mastered, allowing to conduct scientific research and tests at all stages of design, development and production of new and improvement of existing weapons and general purpose samples.

In February 2019, the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus granted the sector the status of “Center for Collective Use of Unique Scientific Equipment.” The division was included in the state register of testing and research units with unique material and technical facilities.

The uniqueness of the sector’s equipment for collective use of testing equipment can be judged by the fact that some of its types are the only ones available in the country, certified and allowed for scientific research and testing.

In particular, as a part of the CKP there is:

The center provides all possibilities for developing new and improving existing methods and techniques for testing various products and samples, ensuring the uniformity and reliability of measurements during scientific research and testing.

The main users of the unique scientific equipment of the sector are not only enterprises of the defense sector of economy, but also other organizations, enterprises and educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.