Research and testing of samples (products) as a whole or their components on the impact of external environmental factors, linear accelerations, positioning accuracy for the purpose of their compliance with GOSTs and technical specifications samples of VVST.

The vibration testing system ТV59349 LS-440 AIТ is designed for examination and testing of samples (items) weighing up to 910 kg on the effect of mechanical external influencing factors, with the possibility to simulate experiments in sinusoidal, random, mixed

vibration modes in the frequency range from 5 to 2500 Hz and maximum acceleration up to 100 g, classical and vibration types of shocks up to 225 g.

The vibration test system is located in a special room, which allows research and testing of samples (products) containing explosive substances.

Technological chamber KT-THV-750 is designed for carrying out researches and tests of samples (articles) up to 450 kg in weight on influence of external climatic factors in the range of temperatures from -60°С to +60°С, high air humidity up to 98%, tests on dew, frost as accelerated as well as long term (up to 30 days uninterruptedly).

The chamber is mobile and has an autonomous power supply. It can be used to conduct tests in the field.

GLT-4-4-5 centrifuge is intended for examination and testing samples (articles) weighing up to 50 kg for resistance to linear accelerations and ultimate overloads in the range of 0.1 to 50 g within the range of angular speed of rotation from 1 to 1800 deg/s as well as their calibration.

The centrifuge rotor has 28 lines of signals and supply voltages, 4 of which are shielded, which allows to test the sample (article) in operating condition.

Three-axis rotary test bench TES_UUT-H_644-7_TM with temperature chamber is designed for simulation of motion in three planes during semi-natural simulation, as well as for testing and calibration of inertial systems, sensors, gyroscopes, BINS, MEMS with total weight up to 60 kg, number of simultaneously rotating axes – 3, rotation speed of external and middle axes – 400 deg/s, internal – 1200 deg/s, positioning error of each axis (RSS) – <±2 angles sec.

Movable axes have 62 lines of signal and supply voltages, including 1 pair for HF signal transmission, 15 pairs are shielded, which allows to test the sample (product) in operating condition.

A temperature chamber of the test bench allows to reproduce the ambient temperature conditions for a specimen (article) from -60°C up to +120°C.

The three-axis rotary test bench with a temperature chamber is installed on an independent foundation of 5x5x1.5 m in size.

Test equipment is certified for compliance with the requirements of STB 8015-2016, PA and ED and approved to conduct research and testing of samples (products) for types of impacts.